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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kava: A Natural Alternative To Anxiety Medication? from Reset.Me

Photo by Simpler Days.*Note: Kava CAN be dangerous is not prepared correctly. It can harm the liver. Please make sure you know what you are taking.

Kava has been used in traditional, tribal settings on the islands of Fiji, Micronesia and Polynesia for hundreds of years. These cultures use the psychoactive beverage as a social and ceremonial offering in a way that’s often compared to how wine is used and consumed in European countries. Traditionally, after being harvested, the root is then pulverized, ground (often by mouth) and shredded. The herbal preparation is then repetitively strained into a bowl using a cold water extraction method, before being served in, and drunk out of, a half coconut shell. This preparation is enjoyed reverently due to its calming and sedating qualities. Because of these effects, growing evidence is starting to support claims that kava is useful for those suffering from insomnia, high stress, depression and anxiety. Interestingly, kava is proving to be as effective as dissolving anxiety as pharmaceutical drugs that are often prescribed for this condition.
The array of active ingredients responsible for the psychoactive effects of kava are known to science as kavaclones. These chemicals include compounds such as dihydrokavain, methysticum and kawaii, all of which have been thoroughly studied in laboratory settings. As a result, there’s empirical evidence that these compounds promote sleep, decrease convulsions and relax muscles in animals. The chemicals described have also shown to be effective painkillers, which is associated with the temporary numbness of the tongue that kava beverages induce when drunk. A double-blind, randomized, placebo controlled study conducted by The University of Melbourne in Australia found kava to be significantly more effective than a placebo at reducing anxiety in a group of 75 participants, all of whom were diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)."

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"Endometriosis Is Often Ignored in Teenage Girls By ABBY ELLIN @ Ny Times

"“They told me that it was all part of being a woman, and that there was nothing they could do for me,” said Ms. Byrne, 29, who works in financial services in Leesburg, Va. One doctor gave her a prescription for Prozac, telling her it was all in her head.

Finally, when she was 21, a doctor performed a laparoscopy to see what was going on. The diagnosis: severe endometriosis, a hormone and immune system disease in which uterine tissue is found outside the uterus, causing lesions in the ovaries, fallopian tubes, abdominal lining, bowel or bladder. While it is not known how or why uterine cells form in other parts of the body, the lesions can cause inflammation and debilitating pain."

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3 Common Spiritually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) You Need To Get Tested For by Spirit Science Metaphysics

"By Steven Bancarz| We have all heard of sexually transmitted diseases that can be passed from one person to another, but we don’t often hear of spiritually transmitted diseases.  Similar to other diseases, spiritually transmitted diseases can either arise within you organically or can be passed on to you by someone who already carries the disease.

These diseases infiltrate the mind where they take root in our psychology.  Then, they start to rule over our thoughts and govern our energy field.  They can completely overtake us to the point where we don’t even realize we have them anymore.  Unfortunately, these diseases are not as easy to cure as physical ones.  There is no magic pill or chemical solution, and to be cured from these diseases may require years of reflection, stillness, and self-honesty.

Note: I am not calling these STDs to be clever or witty.  These are literal spiritual disorders that many people have suffered from, and still do.  When untreated, these disorders can lead to unhappiness, broken relationships, confusion, and delusion.  In the same way that we shouldn’t condemn and make fun of people with physical disorders, we need to exercise understanding and help guide them into clarity.  Here are 3 common spiritually transmitted diseases you need to get tested for:"

1) Fluffy-Bunny Syndrome
2) Back-Door Ego Disorder
3) Dogmatic-Spirituality Dysfunction

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Check out spoken word artist Taju Shoaga

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Loving Life at 90 by Phyllis Sues

"If you don't train the body every day it withers. If you don't train the mind everyday, you lose it. That's why I learned Italian and French, as learning a language is a great mental exercise. I then challenged myself to write music. I wrote the music and lyrics for my first song "Free Fall," which was inspired by flying on the trapeze. A CD followed with 12 songs: Scenes Of Passion. And then six tangos for Tango Insomnia. I now write short songs daily about things I do.
Tango dancing is a fantastic exercise, as it's physical and emotional. It's the only time, when I turn off my mind and just dance, so I am in the moment. To look effortless in dance is sheer beauty. That's my desire. I'm still performing, as it keeps my body in tune, is good for my memory and it makes my life a joy. A triple Boleo in the air would make my journey complete. Marcos (my teacher/dance partner) says it will take two years. I tell him, I have time!....

Working and accomplishing something mental and physical makes my day worth living and suddenly there is a break through, another step on the ladder. I don't give up. The sun and moon are there for everyone. The journey is worth it! This trip has been good to me and I wouldn't trade it for all the stars in the universe.

There is a way to beat the clock. Stay fit and enjoy the journey. Accept the challenge and go for it!"

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