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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sitting will kill you, even if you exercise @ CNN

"One of your favorite activities may actually be killing you.

Our entire modern world is constructed to keep you sitting down. When we drive, we sit. When we work at an office, we sit. When we watch TV, well, you get the picture.And yet, a new study that's running in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that this kind of sedentary behavior increases our chances of getting a disease or a condition that will kill us prematurely, even if we exercise.

Researchers from Toronto came to this conclusion after analyzing 47 studies of sedentary behavior. They adjusted their data to incorporate the amount someone exercises and found that the sitting we typically do in a day still outweighs the benefit we get from exercise. Of course, the more you exercise, the lower the impact of sedentary behavior.
The studies showed sedentary behavior can lead to death from cardiovascular issues and cancer as well as cause chronic conditions such as Type 2 diabetes.Physical inactivity has been identified as the fourth-leading risk factor for death for people all around the world, according to the World Health Organization.

Prolonged sitting, meaning sitting for eight to 12 hours or more a day, increased your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 90%."

See the entire article & video @ CNN

[Pic:] "A rainbow a day keep the doctor away" from The RawFoodFamily

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Fat-shaming doctor/peers kit :"He/she has been working out and eating healthier,why hasn't he or she lost any weight"

Put exercise/eating healthy in own blog post, but link in fat-shaming doctor kit . Also put post on calm mind open heart in can fat be healthy and exercise,etc. also put on home page of

"When you assume, you make an ass out of u and me.”
It is silly, ignorant and wrong to think if a bigger person states that he or she wants to start eating healthier, or wants to start working out to assume that he or she is trying to lose weight. A person stating he or she wants to eat healthier could mean he or she just wants to eat organic , home cooked whole foods instead of processed, chemical filled foods. They may necessarily not want to eat less. A person stating he or she wants to exercise more could also mean they want to work out more as exercise is very important to everyone regardless of body size. It exercises the lungs, heart, etc to keep the body strong and young.  Exercising and eating healthy have nothing to do with losing weight as this post will show. So, don't make an ass out of yourself by giving weight loss tips, or wondering why a person hasn't lost weight after they claim they are exercising more, and eating healthier.

Athleticism, Fitness, Stamina are NOT words that should only be associated [only] with thin bodies

2. Acting like a food coach whenever a fat person is eating “healthy” foods
5. Acting surprised when a fat person is active.
6. Literally anything about dieting, eating less, or exercising more in the context of fatness....

FDA/Medical/pharmaceutical vs beauty/hollywood/diet/plastic surgery industry

"Yesterday's drugs were about need; today's are about desire."

The FDA medical/pharmaceutical companies know that people are waking up because they are SO desperate to prescribe meds to people that they are looking at hollywood/the beauty/plastic surgery industry for ideas to list what a person should look like as "medical reasons". If you don't look like Barbie you have something wrong with you and they NEED to fix it, because you may die.
Next thing you know if you don't have blonde hair, big lips, are not tan or if you have a "big nose" you may die as it's so "unhealthy"
They already have taken weight loss and the need to be thin,and botox from the beauty industry. Let's see what they can come up with next.

People are actually starting to like themselves, lets scare them with "medical research says." "What's the latest Hollywood trend?"

Thin! Tan! Hotter Than Hell!
See How Much the "Perfect" Female Body Has Changed in 100 Years (It's Crazy!):
 You will see how diet pills were not prescribed until Twiggy and a few decades later, Kate Moss,came onto the scene. Then, being "fat" was bad and "unhealthy"

100 Years of Women's Body Image: 1990 The Waif

I love the term"fantasy drug" and I love the term "barbie drugs!"

What are other "barbie drugs?"

Diet pills - because people need to be thin to be beautiful,right? The FDA just lists the need to be thin as a medical reason.

Lets look at some other drugs that the FDA and pharmaceutical companies look to the beauty industry for.

Botox - because it is now being pushed as a medicine. Getting older gracefully is bad, right?

Accutane -  Pills for acne because Hollywood expects perfect clear skin so now, the pharmaceutical companies are trying to cash in on it.

Latisse - Prescribed f you want longer eyelashes. Prescription drug.Because big fat eyelashes = beauty and now, the pharmaceutical companies are trying to cash in on it.

Nose (crooked nose) - 
Unless it's broken,of course who cares if it has a bump in it or if it isn't perfect. Numerous times a Neti Pot or sraay and allergy pills will help out, but of course if that was the case many doctors wouldn't rank in the dough

Although  numerous side effects are related to these drugs, they are pushed onto people. The fact a doctor would prescribe a drug that isn't needed just so someone can have "better looking eyelashes" is a huge concern.